Website Consulting

So you’ve decided that you want a website.  But you don’t know where to begin?  Or you don’t have a logo or pictures or anything!

That’s where I come in.  I can help you get going.  It doesn’t matter if you only need some help or you need a lot of help.  I can guide you right through to the finished product, even giving advise what would be the best site and/or layout for you!  True, you will need to provide many aspects of the site such as what you want to say in each of the pages.  After all, know one knows more about you or your business than you do.

In fact, every website design has certain amount of consulting involved in it.  The initial questioning I have for you, which determines your personality, is all free with the website design.  And maybe that is all you will need.  But if you need more help, I’m here for you!