Domain Hosting

Domain Hosting

Most people know where to buy a domain name from. But what they don’t know is all the aspects to creating a website – how do I get that domain name online?

There are three items to consider.

  1. Get a website created (website development)
  2. Buy a domain name
  3. Get the website on the internet (website hosting)

I found that over the years, people get so excited about getting their site going, they purchase a domain name they want but don’t have any idea what to do from there. Again, this is where I can come in. Whether you use a website developer, or you are creating your own site with a DIY site, I can “host” the domain for you so that I can work with your website developer or you DIY software to get that domain name online.

So, whether you have already got your own domain name or you would like me to get a domain name for you, I can do all the work for you to get that domain online.

Plus, if you ever would like an email address that matches up with your domain name, I can help you with that too! Be sure to talk to me about all your options.